Changes & History

March 2019
  • Dialog for password change has been added.
  • An editor for writing posts has been added.
  • A dialogue for blocking content which violates the terms of service had been added for the moderators.
  • The 'Shout' button has been added to the article view.
  • Automated deployment of the software has been fixed so that new features can always be tested immediately.
February 2019
  • All software repositories on Github have been merged into one to avoid independent version information and incompatible interfaces
  • The automated import of data from the Alpha-version to the Nitro had been tested with test data
  • The web interface of the Nitro had been tested for correct display on mobile devices.
January 2019
  • A Button for reporting abusive content has been added
  • An moderation backend for reported content has been implemented
  • A Bug with the user authentication has been fixed
  • User can input country, region or city and it is her / his decision how accurate it should be.
  • User settings field for setting the interface and preferred content language
  • Integration of Nuxt-i18n toolkit for support of server-side rendered pages of webapps
  • Integration of pipeline for translations + Updated used toolkits and frameworks to newest versions
December 2018
  • [in progress] Add icons to categories and tagging (how many users are using this tag, not how often the tag is used generally)
  • Updated to actual eslint version for source code quality
  • [in progress] Coding a blacklist for Nitro to hide unwanted user's content
November 2018
  • Coding a feature, so users who haven't donated yet, get a chance later to do so
  • Coding a database query to identify users, which had not completed the registration dialog
  • Introduction of a versioning scheme to identify the running social network code version
  • Login for the new Nitro version with a fancier interface.
  • Moved project planning to Zenhub
  • Decided to use Scrum for project management
October 2018